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2023 Feedback Workshops

Workshop Session 1

“They Run Away” from A Midwinter’s Nightmare

Written by Jennifer McComb and Mary Townsend
Performed by Octavia Y. Thomas

“(Somebody to) Save Me” from Battle Crown: The Legend of Princess Pink

Written by Amanda Dills
Performed by Melania MacDonald

“Moonlight Mouse” from Untitled

Written by Nathan Wilks
Performed by Jill Baker

“Grit” from Alexander Baseball Legend

Written by Carol Quandt and Caleb Staehr
Performed by John Lackey

“Idolized” from Idolized

Written by Drew Rieger
Performed by Rachel Davies

Workshop Session 2

“Brothers” from BitterStar Ranch

Written by Cathy Starnes and Jason Starnes
Performed by Malcolm Payne, Jr.

“Only Human” from Forget Me Not

Written by Christina Meyer
Performed by Robert Escamilla

“I Do Not Complain” from Bodice

Written by Mary Jane Taegel and Russell Sarre
Performed by Jenny Tucker

“I’m a Business Lady” from Hijinx & Sue: A Mini Musical

Written by Daniel Wolfert and Jessi Pitts
Performed by Devin Berg with Brigitte Wilson/Sienna Riehle

“Fallen” from Beloved King

Written by J. Sylvan
Performed by Johnny Brown